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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 2:  The BEST doctor in the world!

Not wanting to waste any time, I got on the phone the NEXT day. I started by calling the orthopedic surgeon I see at Aurora for my knee arthritis; however, he does not handle feet. This little bit of serendipity led me to the BEST doctor in the whole world, Dr. Brian Fischer of Aspen Orthopedics . With mind-numbing speed and efficiency, he had me scheduled for an Achilles repair at the hospital of my choice (of course I picked WA Memorial because it is just blocks from my house).

It was Tuesday afternoon when I saw Dr. Fischer. During his examination of my Achilles, he moved my foot, prodded a little, and then placed my foot into a new air cast. (He also gave me a prescription for one of these fabulous little knee scooters.)

That evening and night I was in EXCRUCIATING pain. (I theorize it was from all the action my Achilles got in the doctor’s office.) I literally just laid on the ground with my foot up on the seat of a chair and CRIED.  Please note:  I have had 4 children. I am no stranger to pain. But this pain just would NOT stop. This injury has been the most painful I have ever endured.

At this point, I was still non-weight bearing, BUT my doctor had jokingly told me I could mess up this foot as much as I wanted BEFORE he repaired my Achilles. I was in a Bledsoe Achilles Boot which I could remove to take a shower.

Bledsoe Achilles Boot

 I was mostly using the knee scooter

because I was too weak to crutch around (Note to those who are healthy but getting older:  do NOT ever stop doing pushups!  They are IMPORTANT!)

There was nothing left to do but wait for Monday.... and my surgery.

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