The reason for this blog

Many times this summer as I've traveled down the path of my Achilles journey, I've taken to the internet to find firsthand accounts...

Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 160: We actually are getting back together

Back in August I breezed into Knueppel Medical Supply with Taylor Swift lyrics screaming in my head,  "We are NEVER EVER EVER getting back together!" Dropped off my knee scooter with the foolish assurance that a chapter had closed... Um... guess not. Turns out we actually ARE getting back together. This knee scooter and I are apparently going to be on again off again.... and for now we are on again. 

Picked up another knee scooter today.  I'm tired of saying "no" to stuff I really want to do (like going to Sabryna's football game) so I asked the doctor for a new scrip so I can navigate those events.  He wrote a prescription for TWELVE months.  Dear Lord! Please say it isn't so! Please say I will be able to get around sooner than that!!!

For now I'm just glad I have it. Although Football is pretty much over now.... but I'm ready to say "yes" to the next (too much walking) event.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day 157: Confirmation

Today I mentioned the snap, crackle, pop thing at PT,  and sure enough she confirmed it. I broke up scar tissue and took another "step" forward in my healing process... with those pops! Yeah me!

Also had to do the evil BOSU again... that thing is the devil! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Day 155: A weird pop!

So this morning I was flexing and pointing my foot.  (I do this all the time to keep it from getting too stiff.) And my Achilles started to snap, crackle,  pop... you know that sound your joints make now that you're old.... (honestly my joints have been making that sound all my life thanks to cheerleading and gymnastics). 

After about 4 or 5 pops, it stopped and I realized,  "I have better range of motion in this tendon now!" I could flex my foot back farther,  rotate my ankle more freely... this snap, crackle, pop deal brought progress!

I wondered if I had broken up some scar tissue in there or something.... Regardless it didn't hurt. It actually made things feel better so I didn't worry too much about it.

(For anyone keeping track... today is exactly five months since I ruptured my Achilles tendon.)

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Day 147: Three parties

Well.... we had THREE parties to attend. I promise you we are NOT that popular. It just so happened that it was a popular party day.

I had been nervous about this day ever since we received our third party invitation.  How would I manage to NOT overdo with that much partying? Would I be able to elevate? Would I set myself back again? Mostly, how would I live 8 entire hours without my beloved packages of frozen vegetables... (it's what the cool kids use for ice packs... actually maybe it's what the cheapskates use... either way.)

Well I'm happy to report I made it through all three parties (and an unplanned trip to Wal-Mart to replace the flowers I bought too early.... yes Cori, you were right) and am not even that worse for the wear.

My swelling is a little worse than it normally is in the a.m.,  and my foot is aching a little. I'm also pretty stiff when I walk, BUT I'm very hopeful that a day of taking it easy will get me right back on track.

You may be asking yourself... "Well how did she do all that partying without totally overdoing?" It's a four part answer:

1. Humility... Most importantly I slayed my pride. I let John drop me off... I used the electric scooter cart at Walmart... I accepted an arm to help me hobble.

2. Elevation.... I put my foot up whenever I could. When my foot gave me the throbbing "you're going to be sorry" signal,  up it went!

3. Ice... The very SECOND I got home I was on ice. In fact we stopped home before our final party of the day, and I iced then too.

4. Rest... I'm taking it EASY today.  Hannah woke up sick (prolly just too much party food) so we're staying home from church too which will give me even more time to recover.

Baby steps... I'm getting better (and wiser) every day.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Day 139: Balance

I'm slowly getting a feel for how much I'm able to do without overdoing it. Last night I stayed home from seeing Sabryna cheer 

(GUTTED me! I had to miss CHEER!) because I knew the walk through a football stadium would be way too much. #tears

In general,  I can walk all around my house.... I can do most of my regular activities.....  But stores,  festivals, stadiums... too much for now. 

My doctor KEEPS reminding me that even professional athletes going to therapy 3x a day need 9 to 12 months to fully recover from a full rupture of the Achilles tendon. Bless his heart! He just still doesn't know me well enough to know that doesn't help! I wanna be wholly healed NOW! #sigh 

So right now I'm focusing on a butt ton of Pilates, balance exercises, and stretching. I'm not even allowing myself to THINK about cardio for the foreseeable future.  I am only going to travel through this rehab ONCE. Lord willing (and Jami's stubbornness succeeding) I'll NEVER do this again!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Day 137: The devil's ball

Have you heard of a BOSU ball? Or as I like to call it, the devil's ball?

I've seen it lurking over there in the corner of the PT room... I just always refused to accept the fact that it would one day be a part of my life. No longer.

On day 137, I was introduced to Satan's weapon of evil. It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be,  but it wasn't fun either.

It's basically half a stability ball... platform on one side,  stability ball on the other. My goal was simply to step up and down on the stability ball side. 

I was terrified of what would happen when my still recovering new tendon encountered such instability,  but I guess that was the point. In order to grow.... my muscles,  tendon, stabilizers.... need to encounter instability and react properly to it.

It wasn't a HARD exercise.  It was just terrifying. My body quickly got the hang of it, but my mind kept screaming,  "BACK AWAY FROM THAT DEFORMED BALL!" all the way through to the final rep... it was just as scary on the final rep as it was on the first one. But I made it through, and I'm done with that terrible torture. At least for the next 4 days... sigh.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Day 135: Stick Shift , Baby!

So today was another momentous day in my recovery. It started with thinking I was LITERALLY going to die and ended with a stroll past a nice sized milestone. But let me get back to the beginning.

I had a dental appointment today. Because John had the minivan,  Noah drove me in the Honda. Let's just say that Noah's driving style (Too Fast Too Furious) doesn't mesh well with my passengering style (TERRIFIED! IMMA DIE! SAVE ME JESUS!) The dental assistant told me that if my blood pressure were just a lil bit higher they wouldn't have been able to do my cleaning. #truestory

After my appointment as I walked toward my impending death,  I remembered that Frank (my physical therapist) had said I should be able to drive stick by now. My fear drove me to LEAP to save my life, and guess what???? I can operate a clutch with my bad foot!  WAHOO!